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Student Testimonials

"I have loved being a part of the Canadian School of Ballet's Pre-Professional Program this past year.  I have learned how to physically and mentally exert myself past my boundaries in ways of which I would never have before imagined."  – Kieran Murrells-Allaway.  French Immersion student at KSS, from Salmon Arm, BC.  Currently billets with a Kelowna family. 


“I am in this program so I can further my dance training and eventually achieve my goal of dancing in a professional company. I feel that dance (specifically ballet) is important in our society because it is a very old form of art and it has very pure beginnings. Ballet transports people to a magical world of fairytales, heartbreak, betrayal and love. In our modern society, being able to escape the chaos of everyday life through something as beautiful as ballet is a wonderful thing. I believe dance should be cherished and preserved because it is a way for people to express their feelings and to connect without a language barrier.” – Lydia  Angel-Fox


“Having an intensive ballet program here in Kelowna is exciting because it means that I won't have to move away from my friends and family to pursue my dance goals.  Having Ballet Kelowna right here gives me inspiration and determination to try and become as good as them one day.” – Mackenzie Voth


“To have a year round intensive program here is a dream come true. I have traveled to Alberta and Winnipeg during the summers so I could have the high level of training needed to become a professional dancer. Sadly, the costs and distances make it extremely challenging to stay in either of these locations for their full year half-day program. The program here is an amazing opportunity to train and excel in dance while still being able to maintain a life at home, and keep my educational achievements high.  I recently went to a performance with featured dancers form the New York City Ballet that were absolutely amazing. Not only were they inspiring, but they also made me realize how much training I need to be able to become a professional dancer. With the program here I am able to mix my ballet and school work in the perfect way to be able to balance everything I need to excel.” – Sage Kirk

Parent Testimonials

"Our daughter joined CSB's Pre-Professional Program last year and she is looking forward to the next school year already.  As dance classes are coordinated with the high school classes, she can pursue her passion for dance and work with the amazing dance teachers at CSB, while getting the academic support at school. We highly recommend this program to any serious dancer, not just for the skills to dance at a very high level but also for so many other things that prepare them for their lives and careers: discipline, passion, creativity, camaraderie and persistence just to name a few.” – Monika & Gerd Zobel

“The CSB Pre-Professional Program is a wonderful opportunity for any ballet dancer to develop and reach their full potential. With other programs similar but far away it allows them to be closer to home. The teachers foster excellence while still maintaining an attitude of caring.  Each child is important to them and they strive to help each child/dancer. The dancers are given lots of opportunities to perform, compete in competitions and develop their performance skills and artistry.   My daughter has grown and improved a lot this past year in the program.  She has developed a close relationship with her fellow dancers that will probably be life-long. I highly recommend this program.” – Sue Haskett

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